Thursday, May 30, 2013

Golf Vacation at Wyndham Fairfield Glade Resort, Crossville Tennessee

I want to talk about what Wyndham Resort Fairfield Glade has to offer for a golf vacation.

The resort is on top of the Cumberland Plateau.  It is said to be the highest point between the Rockies and the Appalachian Mountains. 

Is a quiet community with amenities such as tennis, swimming, bike riding, walking trails, lakes, boating, fishing, horseback riding, and most important is considered the Mecca of Golf in Tennessee.

They have a great community center and fine dining.

They have 4 golf courses: Worchester, Druid Hills, Stonehenge and Heatherhurst Golf Courses.

The golf courses are awesome.  I have been a owner member for 2 1/2 hears at Wyndham Resorts and they are wonderful.  This is one of our favorites places to go because of the beauty and peace and quiet.  The accommodations are outstanding and upper class.

See the below pictures of the golf courses:

Druid Hills




The golf courses have hosted the top Amateur and Professional Events in Tennessee.

The resort has wonder full snack bars at each golf course.

But the favorite place to eat for my wife and I is Legends at Druid Hills.  It is in our books a 4 star restaurant for food and atmosphere.  Saturday nights they have a great Prime Rib Buffet and Sunday mornings their breakfast buffet is out of this world.

So please, if you get a chance visit Wyndham Resorts at Fairfield Glade in Crossville, TN.

Of course Wyndham Resorts has many vacation spots across the United States and the World.

I will provide some more pictures tomorrow on my blog of the wild life that we ran across on our walks through the Resort.

So until next time, wherever you are enjoy what you are doing and your time will be pleasant......

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tournament Preparation and Vacation Wyndham Fairfield Glade, Tennesse - chip, putt, range

Today was another beautiful day at Wyndham Fairfield Glade Resort in Crossville, Tennessee.  My wife and I went out for a walk today and enjoyed the nature.  After the morning walk I went to the course for some practice.

With the courses still packed and looking at a good six hour round, I again opted for working on the range, chipping area, and practicing on putting.

The practice areas are in really good condition since they just held the Tennessee Senior Open here recently.

I worked on the pretty much the same drills I did yesterday at the chipping area and range.

I was happy with all my work out.  I claim it as a success.  My finger didn't feel sensitive at all.

The putting drills were also excellent.  There was no one on the practice putting area and the stimpmeter was probably at an 11 for speed.  I prefer fast greens to practice on since it will allow you to have a truer stroke and role.  By stating Truer stroke, you don't have to force your stroke to make the ball get to the hole. 

I worked on the following putting drills:

  • 8 balls 6 feet from hole
    • holed 75% putts
  • 5, 10, 15 feet drill
    • 20 minutes making 3 balls at each location in a row
  • 3 foot drill 8 balls
    • 50 balls in a row
  • lag drill
    • 30 foot putts
    • goal finishing putts either in hole or near hole within 1 foot
    • 75% of putts left inside 1 foot. 
I am very happy with my putting drills and what I accomplished.  I am feeling good about my practice and getting ready for the Qualifier that is coming up.

As you continue to read and follow my blogging I am providing a lot of knowledge in practice drills.  If you work on these drills I can guarantee that your game will improve and bring any level of golfer to a different level. 

Tomorrow I am heading back home so I won't have time to practice or write another blog.  My next blog should be in a couple of days so keep reading. 

My next blog I will write about the resort we stayed at and provide some pictures.

Until next time, If you are having any issues with your game and you need advise see your local PGA Professional.....

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tournament Preparation at Wyndham Fairfield Glade, Crossville, Tennessee - Golf practice

Well today I didn't get a chance to play the course, but I did have a chance to work on my warm up, swing tempo, technique, and chipping.

The course was busy today so I worked on my short game instead of spending 6 hours on the course.  They had 170 people today as well as tomorrow playing on each course.  This is Memorial Weekend at a major golf Resort, Wyndham Fairfield Glade, Crossville, Tennessee.

So today I started with a warm up on the range.  I warmed up for about an hour starting with a 52 degree wedge hitting half shots working my way up to full shots.  The remainder of the time I worked on my swing tempo and technique.  I hit my 7 iron only. 

Following is what I worked on:

  • Take away, down swing, and follow through
  • Worked on aiming alignment
    • using two clubs parallel to target
      • make sure feet are positioned in line with target
      • make sure club head positioned in line with target
      • make sure divot is aligned with target
  • Worked on Draw
  • Worked on Fade

With the above my goal was to make sure I had consistent swing with proper takeaway, downswing, follow through toward different targets.  Allowing the ball to carry the distance of the stationary target.  The carry distance for 7 iron is 170-175 yards.

Outcome of workout was excellent.  All techniques felt good and were consistent.
  • Proper set up
  • Balanced start 
  • Proper swing plane
  • Weight shift
  • balanced finish
  • Consistent Ball Flight
Since I was comfortable with how the above worked out I proceeded to the chipping area.

The chipping area has a two tiered elevated green along with sand traps, fairway, intermediate rough and secondary rough.

I worked with my 60 degree, 52 degree and 56 degree wedges in the variety of areas.

  • Hinge and Hold
  • Flop shot
  • Sand shot
  • putting with 60 degree wedge on fringe with ball next to rough
Goal on each one of these shots is to put the ball within 3 feet of the target hole.

By working extensively on the different areas of rough, fairway, elevations, sand traps allows you to be more consistent in getting up and down from variety of areas.  The practice also builds your confidence.

My overall practice today went excellent.  My finger had very little sensitive feelings attributed to striking the ball on the range and in heavy rough.

In my opinion I accomplished all my goals today.

Tomorrow I will be working more on the putting aspect of the game and  more range time with 7 iron and chipping.

As you see in order for me to keep at a playing level I need to practice a variety of different shots so when I am on the course this all becomes second nature.

For the weekend golfer you don't have to practice as extensive as I do, but if you put half the effort into your practice as you do your game you will become a better golfer.

Until then, I will leave you with a story I heard from Gary Player.  As he was working on his sand shots, a golfer was on-looking and saw Mr. Player place three sand shots in a row in the hole.  The observer stated, wow, that was sure lucky.  Mr. Players response to the spectator was, yes, the more I practice the luckier I get.

Thanks for viewing my blog and I hope you keep checking in.....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Golf Dreams - Getting Ready for Tournament - Tennessee Golf and Fiber Art

I took yesterday off from blogging to travel to Tennessee for a vacation with my wife at Wyndham Fairfield Glade Resort, Crossville, TN. 

This is the Golf Mecca of Tennessee, so they state.  I agree that this is a marvelous place to play golf and enjoy some quiet times along with many other activities.  They have 2 marinas, 2 beaches, 11 lakes and 4 golf courses.  We have  been coming here for about 2 1/2 years.

We will spend some time at the craft fair with my wife and our friends at Dunn Spunn a Fiber Art Studio and Store just off  I-40 on Peavine Road before you get to the Resort. 

Today, we spent time at the Craft Fair and with our friends.  It is so wonderful watching my wife enjoy herself in her element.  Crafting is one of my wife's and mine past times.  It is something we enjoy doing together and in a good relationship you need to enjoy doing things together.

There was many enjoyable crafts made of wood, glass ware, jewelry and such, but our most interested area is fiber art.

Our friend Katelyn, her friend Emily and Katelyn's Mom Kelley have a booth at the Memorial Weekend Craft Fair at Wyndham Fairfield Glade Resort.  They have a lot of marvelous items for sale and Katelyn demonstrated spinning. 

Katelyn is a wonderful talented fiber artists who taught my wife 2 years ago how to knit, and my wife loves spending time with Katelyn and her mom when ever we come to the resort.  Katelyn is not only a well known fiber artist but she is a talented instructor in fiber art creations, spinning, and knitting.  Please check their store out at

So if any one is interested in fiber art and golf this Resort is a wonderful place stay. 

I will spend the next 3 days working on my game and talk about my play and practice.

Until tomorrow, enjoy what you are doing at all times and the times you have will be great.......

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Following the Golf Dream - Another Day of Practice - 3 hole drill Course Management

Well it has been a couple of days since my last post.

Between the rain, power outage and practice it has been an interesting couple of days.

As I mentioned in my past post, I am recovering from a broken finger so I am easing into my game.

I spent a lot of time on the short game the last two days.   I have worked on the routine presented in the last post.  As I have stated before, the most important part of the game is 150 yards in.

Today, I decided to walk 3 holes after a little warm up on the range to see what else I need to practice on.  I also wanted to see how my finger would do in game conditions.

Even though I warmed up, I still was a little skittish on whether my finger would hurt or not.  I pushed my drives leaving me in deep rough on all three holes.  Being in the deep rough I would have a good test of how my finger would do.  It didn't feel bad, but could feel it.  I also learned that my distance was a little shortened because I was favoring my right hand.

With the first two holes being par 5's I left my self short of the green on my second shot.  The first hole from 10 yards just off the green and the second hole 75 yards short of the green.  Utilizing my chipping drills I have been practicing, I was able to get up and down giving myself 2 birdies.

On the third hole, a par 4, again pushing the drive right and hitting from the rough I left my second shot short of the green again.  I was able to chip to 5 feet and one put to get my par.

What the 3 hole practice and course management has told me, I am still mentally hesitant and concerned my finger will hurt or I will re-injure it again.  I also saw that the work on my short game has definitely paid off.   Because of the work I have done on my short game, I am not concerned over temporary loss of distance with my full shots and missing the green on my approach shots.

Well time to close and spend some time with my wife before we go to sleep.

Until next time, remember perfection is not achievable in golf, but progression is.......

Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting Ready for Tournament - Short Game

It was a beautifully hot day today for practice.

Today was a good day to work on my short game from 100 yards in.

The golf course I practice at just modified the range to be able to work on this part of your game easier.

They placed yardage markers at the hitting area giving you distance to each flag.  They adjust it daily as they move the tees.  The markers are set to color coded flags that they also just put in.

So today I was able to start my drills for the short game shots 100 yards in.

They have three flags situated at 100, 75 and 50 yards:

Below is my workout:

  • Warm up
    • stretch
    • Hit half shots with 52 degree wedge
  • Hit full shots
    • 10 balls with my 60 degree
    • 10 balls with my 52 degree
    • 10 balls with my 9 Iron
    • 10 balls with my 6 Iron
    • 10 balls with my 3 Iron
    • 10 balls with my Hybrid 3
    • 10 balls with my 3 metal wood
    • 10 balls with my driver
After my warm up and going through the full shot routine I am loose and have my swing feel.  At that time I start to work on my short game.

  • 50 yard flag
    • Work on shots with slight draw
      • 60 degree
      • 56 degree
      • 52 degree
      • pitching wedge
    • Work on shots with slight fade
      • 60 degree
      • 56 degree
      • 52 degree
      • pitching wedge
  • 75 yard flag
    • Work on shots with slight draw
      • 60 degree
      • 56 degree
      • 52 degree
      • pitching wedge
    • Work on shots with slight fade
      • 60 degree
      • 56 degree
      • 52 degree
      • pitching wedge
  • 100 yard flag
    • Work on shots with slight draw
      • 56 degree
      • 52 degree
      • pitching wedge
      • 9 iron
    • Work on shots with slight fade
      • 56 degree
      • 52 degree
      • pitching wedge
      • 9 iron
By working on the 100 yard in shots with these variety of clubs helps me work my swing tempo for 1/4 swing to full swing.  This also, aids in learning distance control with a variety of clubs.

The main reason you want to learn to hit different shots to different distances with different clubs is that the rules only allow you to carry 14 clubs (one of which is a putter).  By practicing the shots above you have now increased your club count from 14 to 23 without adding any more clubs to your bag. 

You never know what the conditions of the course are or the weather.  Therefore by having the ability to use 14 clubs in your bag in a variety of ways increases your chances of scoring lower on the course.   It will also assist you in getting out of trouble when your ball goes off line.

The practice today went very well.  Along with completing the drills above, I also worked on my putting and chipping around the green.

Until next time, remember that the game of golf is 10 percent skill and 90 percent mental, so always be thinking of different ways to help your self out......

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Following the Dream - Getting Ready for Tournament - Daily Practice

It is another day for practice to get my self in shape for the next tournament. 

Today my main practice was on putting.

Below is the routine I followed:

  • Started with 3 foot drill
    • Place 8 balls 3 feet from hole
    • putt until miss
    • keep putting until make 50 in row

  • Then worked on 5, 10, 15 drill
    • place tee markers 5, 10, and 15 feet from hole in straight line
    • place another tee marker 2 feet from opposite line of the 5,10, 15
    • place three balls at 5 foot tee marker
    • stroke each ball either in the hole or stopping before the 2 foot tee marker behind the hole
    • If you hit any putts short of the hole or past the tee marker start over.
    • continue to 10 and 15 foot marker
    • again, if you miss any you must start back at the 5 foot marker and begin again
    • continue until you have completed 3 balls at each marker
The first drill I worked on helps with confidence and consistency.  You will be amazed how much your confidence will build by making 50 putts in a row.

The second 5,10,15 drill will help build your distance and speed control.

By continually practicing these drills you will be able to not only impress your playing partners on the weekend, but take their money.

Until next time, keep your tempo smooth and your eye on the ball.......

Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting Ready for Tournament - Chipping Practice

Well, my finger is getting better and the tournament is getting closer.  I have just over a month to get in form for the next qualifier.

Since I broke my finger just over a month ago at a qualifier for the Champions Tour in Georgia, I haven't been able practice until about a week ago.  I was informed that I can start putting as long as it doesn't hurt or cause discomfort. 

The putting went well, so I have now started practicing chipping.  I am working on my short game around the green improving my timing and control.

So what I have been working on is  20 yard chip drill with my 60 degree wedge.

  • Start with stretching exercise
  • Place 4 tees three feet around hole
  • Using Hinge Hold technique
    • open stance
    • open club face
    • back swing hinge wrist
    • forward swing keep hands ahead of club head
    • focus on spot you want to land ball on green
    • watch how far ball rolls
    • adjust landing spot with roll distance to get within markers around hole

  • Goal
    • 20 chips in a row inside marker area
This is a drill you can do all the time.  This drill help you develop a short lofted shot that will allow your ball to land near the hole with little or no role.

On my next blog I will share with you another chipping drill I am currently practicing.

Until then, keep your head still and your finish smooth........

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rainy Day Sunday Cont'd - 5. Working on Swing Balance

The fifth and last item I want to work on when you are stuck indoors is Swing Balance.

Along with everything we have been talking about on the previous 4 blogs they all will help you with Swing Balance.  Without swing balance your golf game can only stay mediocre. 

As talked about in Rainy Day Sunday #3 the swing balance is important which can be worked on everyday whether you are working on the range, course or at home.

You can practice your stance and weight distribution by:

  • Establishing a good address with weight distributed evenly on the inside ball of each foot
  • slightly bent knees
  • Your backside pushed out (feeling like you are resting it on the edge of a stool)
  • Angle of your back positioned at about 70 degree

After you feel comfortable with working on your stance above, you can work on the following:

  • slowly taking your club back to about 10:30 position
  • hold then start your club going down
  • working your weight shift feel the change in your feel in your feet
  • follow through holding your finish and once again feel your weight shift
  • continue this until you find yourself having total balance from start of the swing to finish of the swing with complete weight shift moving fluidly.
I want to thank you for taking the time reading the Rainy Day Sunday's Things To Do Indoors.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

If you want to have me provide any information on any other subject I would be happy to provide you the information.

I know the drills and information will assist you working on your game not only when you are indoors, but also when you are at the range or on the course.

My next blog will cover Understanding What You Need To Practice.

Until then, work on your game with a purpose and your game will have purpose.......

Monday, May 13, 2013

Understanding What You Need to Practice

I was talking to a fellow golfer the other day and he asked the question what he should practice the most on his driver or another part of the game.  I asked him why he thought it was important to practice with his driver.  He stated, so he could have more accuracy and keep the ball in the fairway to give him a chance to get to the green better.

I asked him how many drives do you hit in a round.  He thought about it and stated 18.  I explained to him that in reality you only hit 14 drives.  He asked, what happened to the other 4 drives.  I stated that those are par threes.  Most par threes for average golfers are only 150 yards or shorter, therefore, you wouldn't hit a driver.   He stated he never thought of that.

Then I got into percentages.  I stated that the higher percentage of practice should be based the higher percentage of shots that will be taken in the course of a round of golf. 

If par is 72 and you only hit 14 drives that is only 19% of your score.  Even if you hit 18 drives that is still only 25% of your score.  Putting is the highest percentage of your score in golf.  In 18 holes of golf the par for putting is 36, which is 50% of your score.   The remainder of your score after the tee shot is 25-31% depending on the number of drives you consider as 14 or 18.  So what is your area you want to practice most, drives or putts. 

With the information in previous paragraph, you want to spend most of your time on putting, then chipping and pitching and working on 150 yards in which will be at least 75% of your scoring.  Then the remainder of the practice you want to work on is your swing technique, tempo and yardage control.  The least amount of time should be spent on your driver. 

In the mathematical scheme of things, Drives are the only constant in the game.  You see, there only 14-18 holes to which you would probably hit your driver.  So you will not hit less than 14 and no more than 14 shots with your driver (not including par threes).  That is the only constant in the game.  You cannot go up or down it stays 14.  The rest of the game is what truly determines your score.  If you had a 400 yard hole and you hit a 1 iron 200 yards that gives you 200 yards left and you hit the 1 iron again.  You will either be on the green or close to the green depending on your accuracy.  So you have to either chip close and one putt or two putt for a par.  Any additional strokes is what makes your score add above par. 

With all this being stated above it comes down to the game of golf is a mathematical percentage that determines how close your score will be to par.  Mathematics determines what you need to work on and how you need to play the game.  The old saying of 10% skill and 90% mental is truly not an understatement.

I know that is a lot of math, but, I just wanted to get the point across that golfers should spend most of their time putting, chipping, and working on 150 yards and less into the green. 

The other practice should be on swing technique, tempo, and balance. Not smacking the driver over and over on the practice range. 

Until next time, go to the range and practice area with a purpose and your score on the course will get better........

Rainy Day Sunday cont'd - Things To Do Indoors 4. Chipping Drill

The 4th Thing To Do Indoors is Chipping:

Pitching Wedge
These drills can be done just about anywhere. It improves one of the most important parts of your game—wedge play.

• Find about 10 feet of open floor space. Put a small towel on the floor and stand about 10 feet away. Use a short, smooth stroke, keeping your hands ahead of the club face. Try chipping 50 balls onto the towel. Practice so the balls land on the towel, not come to rest on the towel. Start with an 8 iron, then move to a 9 iron, and then to a wedge. The more you practice the better control you’ll have over those short chips.

Next time you’re on the practice range, try the same drill. Watch how far each club makes the ball roll on the putting surface. Now you’ll have more control over your chips under different conditions. After awhile, you should be able to nestle every shot close to the pin, or sink it!

Just remember that you want to make sure you are not hitting toward anything that is breakable.  Be very careful.  And if you are a young adult or child ask your parents before using this technique.  Guys that are married, I suggest the same thing.

The fifth and last Thing To Do Indoors I will talk about is working on your swing balance.

Until next time, your short game is the second most important part of your game.......

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rainy Day Sunday Cont'd - Things To Do Indoors 3. Working with your Swing

The third area I want to work with you is your swing. 

This will be a little more difficult indoors unless you have a high enough ceiling and plenty of room that you won't break your wife's (or husband's/Mom's, or Dad's) special glass pieces or TV.  If you have a garage and you can move your car into the rain to give it a good washing then that is probably what you want to do and you can kill to birds with one stone so they say.

There are a couple things you can do indoors to work with your swing but I believe the most important would be working on your tempo.

If you can get your tempo to be consistent and smooth then you can apply it to every club you use and it will help lower your score on the course.  Golf is about tempo and timing.  If you have that in place then you can easily observe the distance each club carries the ball in the air and you can have easier determination on what club you will use for each situation.

To work on your tempo the following is what you need:

  •  have proper posture

  • feet at least shoulder width apart, spine angle about 8 degrees (depicted on left of picture to right). 
  • knees slightly bent

  • back spine straight at angle below.

  • Balance.  The weight of your body should be reflected on the inside ball of each foot. 
  • Rhythm.  this should be smooth going in your back swing as going through to your finish.
  • Tempo.  This is the movement like a grandfather's clock pendulum going back and forth.
What you want to do while indoors is to make sure all these are being done correctly.  This will allow you to work on tempo of your swing to keep it consistent throughout all shots.  Get to know what this feels like so you know when your tempo is off. 

Of course you don't have to wait until you are stuck in doors to work on this you need to work on tempo all the time.

Tempo is not enough, all though, with tempo and balance you can have a few swing quirks that can be hidden.  Follow my blog and later you will find swing techniques on helping improve distance and power without swinging hard.

Until then, with a smooth and steady tempo, your game can become consistent no matter what level player you are.......

Friday, May 10, 2013

Rainy Days Cont'd - Things To Do Indoors 2. Putting

The Second area of interest you can do indoor I want to cover is putting.

Putting you can do just about anywhere.  Putting is 50% of a par 72 score.  Think about it, if you consider two putts a hole per round a par for the greens, then you have a total of 36 strokes which is half of the par of 72.  Therefore, 50% of your game is putting.

With that being stated you want to practice putting as often as possible.  There are many drills out there that you can work on so I will just cover a couple that you can do in your living room.  I recommend that you use carpet that isn't shaggy, a rug that is relatively smooth, a smooth linoleum floor, or a putting pad when practicing indoors.

Drill one working on tempo and speed control:
  •  Place a marker (size of quarter) on the floor of your living room carpet, rug (if smooth enough to simulate a putting green), or putting pad.
  • Place another marker 1 foot behind first marker
  • Place ball at least 6-8 feet away from the marker.
  • Stroke ball attempting to roll over first marker while not letting it roll past second marker.

Drill two consistent short putts:
  • Place marker on carpet.
  • Place ball 2-3 feet away from marker.
  • Stroke ball to just go over marker with firm stroke stopping just past marker.
This drill will build confidence on short putts with a firm, consistent stroke so when playing in that $2 Nassau you won't miss the much needed putt.

These drills are good to practice on putting green at any range or golf course.   Both will help in building confidence with your putting game.

There is no time limit to practicing putting either indoors or outdoors.  Since it is 50% of your score you want to spend as much time practicing as possible no matter how good you think you get.

Next we will work on the third thing you can do indoors - Practicing swing tempo and technique.

Until then keep your head down and listen for the putt to drop in the hole instead of looking for it......

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rainy Days Cont'd - Five Things To Do Indoors 1. Stretching

To start off Five Things To Do Indoors, the first I will present is stretching.

Stretching in Golf, I believe, is one of the most important things to keep your body and swing loose, tempo smooth, in balance, and from getting pulled muscles. 

  • Wrist, Arm, and Shoulder Stretches
    • Take right arm and place straight out putting your hand at 90 degree angle point fingers upward
      • Take left hand and pull lightly back fingers to shoulder and hold for 10 seconds
      • repeat at least five times
      • Switch Arms and hands and repeat
      • Using same technique only pointing fingers downward and repeat same as above
    • Take right arm and place behind head grabbing wrist with left hand pulling gently for at least 10 seconds. 
      • repeat at least 5 times
      • change and do same with opposite arms
    • Take right arm behind back around hip area grabbing wrist with left hand pulling gently for at least 10 seconds 
      • repeat at least five times
      • change and do same with opposite arms
    • Take right arm in front of body grabbing elbow with left hand pulling gently for at least 10 seconds
      • repeat at least five times
      • change and do same with opposite arms
The above exercise will assist in flexibility.
  • Find a broom stick or you an use one of your long irons or woods (be careful if using your clubs not to bend your shaft).
    • Get in your address position and place in the following position:
      • Take stick or club behind back and place inside each elbow
        • Start with turn of shoulders going in movement of back swing motion which allows your hips to turn naturally
        • once you obtain the shoulders at a 90 degree turn (or best turn you can) with weight shifting from neutral position to weight moving toward insight right foot start your down swing motion with weight shifting and moving to the  follow through finish.
        • repeat at least 10 times with tempo you would use with normal golf swing.

The above exercise will assist in flexibility, work with tempo of swing, weight shifting, and balance.

Both exercises will also assist in warming you up before your round and practice on the range.  By continually doing these exercises and others you will find that your golf game can improve with increased flexibility, which increases your range in motion and assist in obtaining easier smoother tempo.

 To the right is example of several exercises that will help you loosening up your body muscles:

There are numerous other stretching exercises that you can perform these are just a few.

  By stretching and exercising regularly you will work through the pyramid below eventually achieving all levels:

Next tip will be on Practicing putting on indoor carpet or putting pad.

Until then keep your body loose and stretch often to help keep from pulling any unnecessary muscles.....

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Days continued... Five Things You Can Do Indoors

Well it is another Rainy Day, I guess it really hasn't stopped.  Been raining now for about three days.  Fortunately, it has only been raining and not storming.

You just got your game the way you want it, or, close enough that you are feeling good about your swing and scoring.  You get a long delay for unknown reasons or it is just raining for several days that you cannot get on the course.

Here are five things you can do inside:

  1. Keep stretching so you can stay flexible.
  2. Practice putting on carpet or indoor putting pad.
  3. If you have a room or garage that is safe to swing a 7 iron, you can practice your swing and work on your technique.
  4. Chipping Drill Indoors
  5. Work on Your Swing Balance.
Over the next few days we will go over all five of these tips.

So until you can get back on the course keep these in mind to once you do you won't miss a beat....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rainy Day Sundays

Today is a beautiful Rainy Day Sunday.

We have had a steady stream of rain since yesterday afternoon and today it is still beautiful.  I have been enjoying quiet time with my wife.  Her working on her genealogy and me thinking of what next to write about and enjoying a day of golf shows and other sports. 

It has been about three weeks since I broke my finger and I get to see the doctor this next week to see when I can start practicing again.  I have a couple of tournaments I want to get ready for such as the Senior US Open Qualifier in June and a local Pro-Am also in June.

I can't wait to starting working on my short game and eventually work on full swing to get my tempo in tournament condition.

As I have been sitting on my favorite chair looking out the living room window listening to the birds, watching our cat chatter at them, listening to the rain drops hitting the trees and ground along with the wind flowing through the trees and constantly looking at my gorgeous wife doing her thing I thought what rule can I talk about today and it came to me lift clean and place.

When playing golf for many years and with a variety of people I think the most misunderstood rule in golf is how to play lift clean and place properly.  A simple rule made hard by human thinking.
As provided in Rule 33-8a, the Committee may make and publish Local Rules for local abnormal conditions if they are consistent with the policy established in Appendix A.

If local abnormal conditions interfere with the proper playing of the game and the Committee considers it necessary to modify a Rule of Golf, authorization from the USGA must be obtained.

The Appendix A 4a is the one that will be utilized when the tournament director states they will play Lift Clean and Place.

Lifting an Embedded Ball, Cleaning:  Temporary conditions that might interfere with proper playing of the game, including mud and extreme wetness, or warranting relief for an embedded ball anywhere through the green or permitting lifting, cleaning and replacing a ball anywhere through the green or on a closely mown area through the green.

When this is implemented by the Director of the Tournament the proper procedure is to:
  • Mark ball before lifting.
  • Clean Ball (cannot change ball in play at that time)
  • Tournament Rules dictate the distance can be placed from original spot no closer to hole.
  • Ball in play
Well time to get back to the peacefulness of the Rainy Sunday and quiet time with my wife.

Until next time,

When playing in the rain keep as dry as you can and have the proper attire to help make the game stay fun..........